Y’all, I did a Podcast Interview!

I was incredibly nervous to listen to this, because its an hour of MY voice talking about myself. But I finally gave it a listen and I am so happy to have this record of my thoughts and feelings about this time in my life. Accompanied, of course, by the sparkling wit and amazing advice of Brian Siskind and Joe Nolen! This interview does everything I’ve ever wanted my artist statement to do. Thank you for having me!

You can hear the full interview on: Episode 8 of the Art Fight podcast below!

Terra Incognita Show Flyer.jpg

I came across this little poem of links last week. I made it right after college, inspired by a friend’s freeform, link filled artist statement. Oddly enough, each article or photograph a was looking at in 2011 still fascinates me or relates to my current body of work? I’ve added a new link related to the June 8th show at GfG, but for now - I think I will leave this internet deep dive as a further artist’s statement…