Candle Wax Stage for Bon Iver

Candleway for Bon Iver option 1.jpg

These drawings were created for musical artist Bon Iver’s 2018 tour stage and were made in collaboration with set and lighting designer: Michael Brown.

Merging my drawing style with Micheal’s vision for a cavernous performance space, Candle Wax is built from organic forms reminiscent of hanging moss and ice drifts. I worked from Autocad schematics for the stage and photographs Micheal had taken over years of traveling with the band from venue to venue. (Especially a particularly striking image of wax dripping down a performance stage which gave Micheal the initial inspiration for the concept.) The drawings for the final performance space embody a sense of suspended flow, forming a cave like structure for the band to perform inside.

Live photos of the set courtesy of Micheal Brown & Lee Butterworth.


Initial Sketches: Ice Drifts, Sea Caves, and Frozen Environments