Hello Friends!

As some of you already know, I’m moving from Nashville, TN to Trondheim, Norway this August to begin an MFA at NTNU. I’m ridiculously excited for this opportunity to challenge myself! This program will support me with time and studio space to delve into my drawings, paintings and design projects for two focused years. It will also be a unique chance to experience life in a new country and look at art(and life) through a different lens.

In order to make this move I have to, well, M O V E!?

So far, that’s meant hours in my studio sifting through all of the sketches, prints, and paintings I’ve made in Nashville and beyond. Mono-prints from my Cape Town residency; studies for Quoting Nature at Fort Houston and even watercolor sketches from a year of painting sunsets and keeping color journals. I’m ready to move on

To that end, I’ve decided to host my first ever studio sale! Since I’m always hesitant to sell my work through the nebulous medium of the internet, I’ve limited this email to friends and family who’ve supported me in the past and the folks who’ve stumbled on this website.

From June 25 - July 10 my remaining work, (including some wild sketches that have never before seen the light of day) will be on sale at a wildly reduced rate! I’m hopeful this sale will help fund my move to Norway and clear out mental and physical space for new work!

I’m also excited to create an opportunity for friends who may not have been able to attend gallery or purchase work at gallery prices to collect some of my work!

Have a look through the galleries, and feel free to email with any questions!

I’m beyond grateful for you. For supporting my work, coming to show openings, listening to me wax poetic about aesthetic philosophy, challenging my assumptions about what it means to live a creative life (you know who you are…) and for giving me art pep talks (you know who you are…) during the times when stringing a life and a living together out of drawing, painting and building things felt impossible. Looking through this mailing list made me grateful for the wonderful people I know.

With Love, Erin